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they didn't have any kids but he is a genius had em last year when I was in howard.

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he didnt have any

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Q: George R Carruthers wife and kids?
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Do George Robert Carruthers have children?

Yes, George R. Carruthers did have children. He had two children.

Is George r carruthers dead?

Yes he is dead.

How did George R Carruthers die?

He has not died yet. He is 74, as of this date in March, 2014.

When was George R Carruthers married?

Don't know, but I saw him on April 19, 2012 at Nat Space Museum at what to me seemed an anniversary with his wife. So, could be any 10*x years before that (given he's born 1939, it could be their 50th...)

What is george r carruthers known for?

In answer to George R Carruthers married life -- he has been married for many years, since at least the l960's. He lived in the building where me and my parents lived in S.E. Washington, D.C. back in 1960's or early 1970's. He was married then with a small baby. At that time, I believe he was a Scientist. I always thought that he worked on the invention of the Hubbell Telescope.

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becky R Patton

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What did Teddy Roosevelt name his kids?

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What was Charles r drew wife and kids like when he was young?

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What is George R. R. Martin's birthday?

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