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I BELIEVE IT WAS GEORGE H.W. BUSH... George W. Bush's Father. I think...

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Q: Which president celebrated the bi-centennial of the US while in office?
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First president married while in office?

The first president to get married while in office was John Tyler. John Tyler was also the first president to have his wife die while in office.

What is the office the president uses while in the white house?

the Oval Office

What part of the Constitution says that the office of the President should be transferred to the Vice President if the President dies while in office?

The 25th Amendment !

Was there a war while President Grant was in office?


If the president dies while in office who does the job go to?

Vice president

Which president made the most money while in office?

President Obama

What medical benefits does the President receive while in office?

The President gets free medical care through the army hospital system while he is in office.

Was President Ronald Reagan divorced while still in office?

No, while in office he was with Nancy and he died married to her.

Where does the vice president live while not in office?

When not in office they live wherever they want.

Who becomes the US President if he should die while in office?

The Vice-President.

Who was the first president to leave the continent while they were serving in office?

It was President Washington.

What happened in America while Garfield was president?

He is the only president to be inaugurated in office. He took office July 2, 1881.