Did jesters get paid

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Answerhe did WHATEVER the king wanted him to do! Answerthe jester was supposed to entertain the people at the grand feast in the grand hall, example: telling jokes and playing music AnswerActually, jesters were chosen because they were entertaining, but they were given licence, meaning that for the purpose of entertainment, they were allowed to do whatever they wanted. If a jester stole food from the king's plate and ate it, he got away with it as long as the king found it funny.

There is a story that illustrates this. There was a jester for King James VI of Scotland who noticed that the king often signed documents without reading them. He slipped in a paper among the king's documents to be signed that abdicated royal authority to the jester for two weeks. After the king had signed it, the jester pointed out what the king had done. The king seems to have regarded this as a learning experience, and the point was taken.

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yes gold coins

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Q: Did jesters get paid
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