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No! Bi Sheng invented it in between 1041 and 1048.

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Q: Did martin luther invent the printing press?
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What invention did Martin Luther invent that you use today?

a printing press which is now called a printer

What Technology helped martin luther's reformist efforts?

The printing press.

What technological development facilitated the spread of Martin Luther's ideas?

The printing press.

What invention helped Martin Luther to spread his ideas?

Martin Luther, if you're referring to the founder of Protestant Christianity, used the printing press to spread his ideas throughout Europe.

What was the impact of Gutenberg printing press on western Europe?

The spread of Martin Luther's Ideas :D

What did Martin Luther discover?

Martin Luther discovered the catholic church and theological

How the Reformation began?

It started with Martin Luther speaking out against the Roman Catholic churchOne event that began the Reformation is that Martin Luther posted theses when the printing press came into use.

How did printing press help the spread of Lutheranism?

Martin Luther's translation of The Bible could be produced cheaply and quickly.

How did the printing press impact the Reformation and allow Luther to survive?

With the aid of the printing press, Martin Luther was able to produce a lot of copies of different parts of the bible in the German language, which before was only available in Latin. He mainly translated the New Testament first.

What did Johaness Gutenburg invent?

printing press

What did Johannes gutenburg invent and how?

printing press

What did Johannes gutnburg invent?

The printing press