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Mercy Otis Warren had a english accent. I really don't know i just wanted to do this

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Q: Did mercy Otis warren have a french accent?
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Did Mercy Otis warren have an accent?


Who married mercy Otis warren?

She was Mercy Otis first. She married James Warren and made Warren her last name. Mercy Otis Warren.

Who wrote a play called blockheads?

Mercy Otis Warren Mercy Otis Warren

How many sons did Mercy Otis Warren have?

Mercy Otis Warren had two sons James, and Henry

Who wrote plays to insult the redcoats and loyalist?

Mercy Otis Warren ~Teddy

Did mercy Otis warren have children?

Mercy Otis Warren had 5 children.

What college did mercy Otis warren go to?

Mercy Otis Warren attended Harvard University as a replacement of her oldest brother, Joseph Otis.

When did mercy Otis get married?

Mercy Otis Warren was married in 1752.

What is Mercy Otis Warren's maiden name?


Who mercy johson mother?

Mercy Otis Warren

Did mercy Otis warren die alone?

yeah Mercy otis died alone

Did Mercy Otis Warren have any pets?