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Mercy Otis Warren


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mercy otis warren

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Q: Who wrote plays to insult the redcoats and loyalist?
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How did Mercy Otis Warren help the patriot cause?

She helped the Patriot cause by writing plays and stories about the British. By doing so she made fun of the British.I don't know why this is the answer but it is trust me.

Why was Prudence Cummings Wright important?

Prudence Cummings wright was an American patriot. No loyalist could ever get by her. She was born a patriot. Prudence's brother was a loyolist. Prudence had heard Leonard whiting and her brother planning an attack at gewwets bridge. Prudence tried to warn soldiers but they didn't believe her because she was a woman and in that time woman were the housekeepers. Prudence wasn't going to let the loyalists attack so her and over 30 other woman dressed in there husband and brothers uniforms and grabbed their old weapon's group of woman headed to gewwets bridge and stopped the group of loyalist's woman captured the loyalist's and recovered messages from one loyalist's boot. i know all this and wrote it in complete detail and im 10.

What age did Yankee Doodle die?

Yankee Doodle isn't a person. Yankee is what the American colonies were called. Doodle was another word for fool. If you think an American wrote Yankee Doodle, you're wrong. A British person who disliked Americans wrote it. The British sang it to insult the Americans, but the Americans thought it was so funny they made it they're song

Who wrote plays about British leaders being greedy as a way to protest British laws?

Crispus Attucks

Who wrote about black people in books poems and plays?

Langston Hughes, (James Mercer Langston Hughes, 1902-1967) was a columnist and writer of novels, short stories, and plays. His works were prominent in the "Harlem Renaissance" of the late 1920's.

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She wrote plays and other writings to insult loyalist and redcoats?

mercy otis warren

Who wrote plays and writings to insult loyalists and redcoats?

Mercy Otis Warren ~Teddy

Who wrote plays to insult red coats and loyalist?

Mercy Otis Warren

Who wrote plays and other writings to insult loyalits and redcoats?

Patriots and revolutionaries, such as Thomas Paine and John Adams, wrote plays and other writings to insult loyalists and redcoats during the American Revolution. These works aimed to rally support for the revolutionary cause and criticize those loyal to the British crown.

Mercy Otis Warren loyalist or patriot?

She is a patriot because she believed that the British were awful and tyrants,so she wrote plays and stories about the British. So she was making fun of them.

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What were shakespheare plays?

They were and are the plays that Shakespeare wrote.

What William Shakespeare did?

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What were the names of the plays that William Shakespeare wrote in 1801?

Shakespeare wrote his plays between 1590 and 1613.

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