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Q: Did nathanael green have kids
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How many kids did Nathanael Greeene have?

Nathanael Greene had six children with Catherine Littlefeild.

Who is side was Nathanael green on?

Americannnn (;

What struggles did nathanael green have?

he had to go though war

What was nathanael green's accomplishments?

one major acomplishment is

Was Nathanael Green a Patriot?

Yes, Nathanael Green was a patriot. There is enough information about him that shows that he and the men served under him sacrificed quite a bit for their and our independence. Read the book Nathanael Green by Gerald Carbone. Rich

Who was Catherine Green?

Catharine Greene was the wife of American Revolutionary War general Nathanael Greene, a mother of five.

What were the names of nathanael greene?

Nathanael Greene

What is the birth name of Nathanael Baring?

Nathanael Baring's birth name is Nathanael Nicholas Baring.

What is the birth name of Philip Nathanael?

Philip Nathanael's birth name is Philip Nathanael Johnson.

What is the birth name of Nathanael Wiseman?

Nathanael Wiseman's birth name is Nathanael Zachariah Wiseman.

What were the names of nathanael greene's children?

Nathanael Greene

When was Nathanael Ohridski born?

Nathanael Ohridski was born in 1820.