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Teddy lived in a log cabin. It is called the Maltese Cross Cabin. He used this cabin for some years before he became President.

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Q: Did teddy live in a log cabin?
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What president had a toy named after him and what toy was it?

The Teddy Bear is named after Theodore Roosevelt. It is unclear whether Lincoln Logs were a reference to Abraham Lincoln and his log cabin boyhood home.

What campaign symbol did the whigs use?

The Whigs' campaign symbol was a log cabin, because it showed that the Whigs were hard-working, self-made people. It portrayed them as normal citizens and people.

Which president lied about being born in a log cabin?

Several American Presidents were born in log cabins including Lincoln, Andrew Jackson and James Buchannan. William Henry Harrison during the 1840 election lied about being born in a log cabin.

The US declared a National holiday in his honor he was born in a log cabin in Kentucky?

Abe Lincoln

What was the Log Cabin Act?

A log cabin is typically a structure built from wood, similar to a house. They were used as an early form of housing and were typical of frontier settlements. As the name indicates, they are made of logs which are notched at each end and stacked cross-wise to form the walls of each room. The logs might be sawed or chopped a the sides to make them square. The logs were then chinked with clay or mud and windows and doors were cut and framed in. The roofs were often made of split logs or sometimes thatched over a log framework. After saw mills were set up, board siding could be added and roofs could be made of boards and covered with wooden shingles. You can still get them today, they're seeing a resurgance, especially in holiday locations such as the Lake District in the UK. They're also now quite popular in the garden as a way of creating alternative space, such as a games room or music studio.s/

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Who did Lincoln live with in the log cabin?

Lincoln's family all lived in the same log cabin while he was a boy.

First president to live in a log cabin?

Andrew Jackson was the first US President to live in a log cabin. Jackson was the seventh President of the United States.

Who was the first president to live in a log cabin?

Andrew Jackson was the first president who lived on the frontier and lived in log cabins from time to time. He may have been born in a log cabin, but if not, he must have lived in a log cabin after he moved to western Tennessee. He was the first who might have been called a "log cabin president".

Did any president live in a log cabin?

yea old abe

What is the oldest log cabin?

Hyde Log Cabin

How many Lincoln logs would it take to build a log cabin?

it depends: is it a, say, barbie doll size cabin, or a cabin a person can live in?

Did Abraham Lincoln ever live in a log cabin and is so when?

yeah as a kid

Where does Swiss farmer or mountaineer live?


When was Log Cabin Syrup created?

Log Cabin Syrup was created in 1887.

Who lives in log cabin?

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When was Log Cabin Church created?

Log Cabin Church was created in 1937.

When was Kellerman Log Cabin created?

Kellerman Log Cabin was created in 1816.