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The Teddy Bear is named after Theodore Roosevelt. It is unclear whether Lincoln Logs were a reference to Abraham Lincoln and his log cabin boyhood home.

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Theodore Roosevelt had the Teddy Bear named after him.

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Q: What president had a toy named after him and what toy was it?
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Where American president has miniature log toys named after him?

The toy is Lincoln Logs, named after Abraham Lincoln.

What made a toy maker create the teddy bear?

it was named after President Teddy Roosevelt when he killed a bear

A favorite crib toy named after the US president who liked big-game hunting?

Teddy Bear

Which American president has miniature log toys named after him?

There was a building toy set called "Lincoln Logs"

What American president has miniature log toys named after him?

That would be Abraham Lincoln, and the toy Lincoln Logs.

Which president who loved nature and most children in the us have a toy bear named after him?

That man is Theodore "Teddy' Roosevelt.

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What was the toy named after Lincoln?

Lincoln logs

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