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President James Garfield had a dog named veto.

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Q: Which president had a dog named veto?
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Which president had a dog named Laddie Boy?

the president named george bush had a dog named laddie boy

What pets did James Garfield have?

he exactly had 3 pets. They were a fish, a cat, and a dog.Every source I've read lists only a horse named Kit and a dog named Veto.A horse named Veto, a dog named Kit, a cat named Whiskers, and a fish.

What were the names of James A. Garfield pets?

yes. He had a mare named Kit and a dog named Veto when he lived in the White House.

Veto Power of The President of the Philippines?

The veto power of the President of the Philippines is similar to the power of the United States President. The President can veto a bill, but the veto can be overridden.

Which mount Rushmore president had a dog named fido?

Abraham Lincoln had a dog named Fido

Who had veto power?

The President of the United States has the power to veto laws

What branch of government has the power to veto legislation?

The President can veto it,but the Congress can surpass the President's veto with a 2/3 vote.

Who has veto powers?

the president of the u.s has veto power...

Can the President Veto the Veto of his Veto?

No. The President only has one choice to veto or to pass it. Once he veto's it goes back to congress where they can kill it or they can override his veto with 2-3 majority.

The veto and pocket veto are two ways that the what can reject a bill?

The veto and the pocket veto are two ways that the _____ can reject a bill

What us president a cat named tabby and a dog named fido?

Lincoln reportedly had a dog and cat by these names.

Did the president get a dog?

Yup! It's a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo.