Uses pocket veto

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The President is the one that can use a pocket veto. This type of veto happens if Congress adjourns within the 10-day period the President has to pass or veto the bill.

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Q: Uses pocket veto
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What branches uses pocket veto?

The Executive branch (president or governor).

What are the types of vetos for governors?

The two types of veto that can be carried out by the president are the "Pocket Veto" and the "Regular Veto." The Pocket Veto is where the president is given a bill, but fails to sign it within the ten days of the adjournment of Congress. The Pocket Veto is less common. The Regular Veto is one in which the president returns the bill back to Congress, with a message explaining his problems, reasons for return, and recommendations for revision. From there Congress may or may not fix it depending on it's actual importance.

What bill is dropped if congress adjourns?

The Pocket Veto The Pocket Veto

A pocket veto differs from a regular presidential veto in that the pocket veto?

A pocket veto is not a direct veto of a bill. Rather, it occurs when the president holds onto a bill, unsigned, until after Congress adjourns.

3 What four options does the President of the US have for handling a law?

Sign it, veto it, do a pocket veto.

The veto and pocket veto are two ways that the what can reject a bill?

The veto and the pocket veto are two ways that the _____ can reject a bill

Why might the President use a pocket veto?

what circumstances might the president use a pocket veto

What is the term for ignoring a bill and letting it die?

That would be a 'Pocket' veto. The president/governor places it in the pocket and forgets about it.

What is the difference of a veto and a pocket veto?

To veto a bill, the executive returns it to the legislature with a list of objections. To perform a pocket veto, the executive simply fails to either return it or sign it, the effect of which is to veto the bill.

To pass a law despite a veto by the president?

Pocket veto

What are three choices the presidend have when a bills is presented to him for signature?

Sign it, veto it, allow a pocket veto ( let it sit for 10 days and it becomes a pocket veto)

Are there any differences in the effects of the pocket veto and a normal veto?