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No because the war was on the other side of the usa.Also the spanish owned it . That came later on in history.

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Q: Did the Revolutionary War have inflouence on New Mexico?
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What was the nations status after the Revolutionary War end?

With the end of the revolutionary war, what was the status of the new nation.

What was the war with the New World and England called?

the revolutionary war

Was there a war at new york state?

during the american revolutionary war.

Who was the richest man in New England at the time of the revolutionary war?

John Hancock was the richest man in New England before the Revolutionary War. Hope it helps!

How did the revolutionary war effect new brunswick?


What was the main event in a new nation?

the revolutionary war

What did Americans create after the revolutionary war?

A new nation

How did the US acquire New Hampshire?

The Revolutionary War

Did New Jersey win the Revolutionary War?

Technically, no. the question makes no sense. BUT... the winning batle of the revolutionary war happened in Yorktown.

What is the name of the war that the New England Patriots got there name from?

The Revolutionary War.

Which war brought the need for a Constitution for the new United states?

revolutionary war

What officially ended the revolutionary war and set the boundaries of the new US?

The Treaty of Paris ended the Revolutionary War, recognized American independence and established borders for the new nation.