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Not by any stretch of the imagination. While the USSR collapsed, Russia remains a prominent world power. China too is a superpower and continues to grow. England may have lost her colonies, France may have largely retreated within her borders, Germany doesn't control a third of the planet any more, and Japan has no significant military force, but all of these are still major world powers.

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Q: Did the US become a lone superpower in 1991?
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What superpower did the US have?


What factors led the US to become superpower?

After World War II, the productive capacity and technological advances gave the US a distinct advantage. It was not ravaged by the war and its infrastructure was intact.

Which superpower was the first to create the atomic bomb?

The US built it, but was not quite a superpower at the time. The US and USSR became superpowers a few years after the war.

What was the role of the US after the world war 2?

The US turned into a superpower

When did the US become a world superpower?

The US was considered a superpower after World War II, when the European powers declined, partly because of the loss of their colonies to independence movements. The war similarly sparked the advance of the Soviet Union to superpower status, and the Maoist takeover did the same for China. Whether the US currently shares superpower status with China is debatable, but China does not yet have an equal international presence. China (and most of Asia) has benefitted substantially from trade with the United States. The beginning of US worldwide influence dates from the Spanish American War, which brought it the Philippines and increased trade in the Pacific.

The US had the most global influence during the century?

The US grew greatly in global influence in the 19th century and became a superpower in the 20th century. The US is still a superpower in the 21st century.

How has the involvement of the US in European wars shaped the US into the country that it is today?

WW1 help us become a superpower after the war we were number20 on the top list After WW2 we became the number one superpower with the sovits behind us so being in the European wars has help us alot in fact WW2 got us out of the great deppertion so to find out more vist other web sites to get more info

How do you use the word superpower in a sentence?

After the Cold War, the United States emerged as the world's leading superpower. Even as a superpower, the US cannot enforce all of its policies on the rest of the countries in the world.

Who were the two superpower after world war 2?


Why was it so difficult for superpower like the US to fight in Southeast Asia?

Make love, not war. Is the USA really a superpower? It should have twice of its current military power to be considered a superpower, taking on account that......

How has the end of the cold war reshaped global politics?

It was the end of two superpowers, leaving the US as the sole superpower of the world It was the end of two superpowers, leaving the US as the sole superpower of the world

What is the state of being dominated by one superpower especially the US?