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the Jones Act

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Q: How did puerto ricans become US citizens?
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Puerto ricans are what of the US?


What act declared Puerto Rico to be US territory and all Puerto Ricans US citizens?

The 1917 Jones Act designated Puerto Ricans as US Citizens.

When did the Puerto Rican people become welcome in the US?

Probably as a result of the Jones Act of 1917 which made Puerto Ricans US Citizens.

What is the political status on Puerto Ricans in the US?

They are US Citizens.

Can Puerto Ricans be employed in the US just like US citizens?

Yes, they can.

Why arent puerto ricans living in the us considered immigrants?

For the same reason that some one from New York who moves to California is not Considered an immigrant. Puerto Rico is part of the United States. Puerto Ricans are US citizens by birth since 1917.

Puerto Ricans became US citizens as a result of the?

Jones Act

Do puerto ricans who work in US but are not citizens pay taxes in US?

All puerto ricans are us citizen since 1917 and if they live in the states they have to to pay federal taxes.

How has US citizenship caused Puerto Ricans to be different from other immigrants?

The Puerto Ricans are U.S citizens and not immigrants...they are born within the U.S territory therefore they are U.S 1917 there was a law passed called Jones shafroth act that by law the Puerto Ricans are U.S Citizens.

Puerto Ricans became US citizens as a result of the what?

The 1917 Jones Act.

Do Puerto Ricans collect social security?

Puerto Ricans are US citizens and like any other US citizen if you pay for SS you are entitle to receive benefits.

Why ARENt puerto ricans living in the US cosidered immigrants?

If you were asking "Are Puerto Ricans illegal aliens?" that would be a yes AND no answer. Puerto Ricans are considered immigrants because Puerto Rico is not part of the United States (its not one of our 50 states), but it is US territory (we protect them and stuff). :) hope this helped you :)