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it has withstood the test of time. Americans have a better life than most countries.

That question depends on opinion - some say the government is horrible andthat we need to reform and so on...

While others say that this is the greatest government ever.

'Tis all opinionated, really.

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Q: Did the constitution create the best government?
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What was the Name of the form of government the framers of the American constitution agreed to create?

The form of government the framers of the Constitution agreed to create republic

Did the Constitution create a stronger national or state government?

yes, the constitution created a stronger national government :)

What was the document called to create a stronger government?

The Constitution?

Did the constitution also create a weaker national government?

no, it did not.

The best description of the government created under the constitution is that it was?

The best description of the government created under the constitution is that it was a federal republic.

What papers did your founding fathers create which you built your government on?

The constitution

What was the constitution written for?

To create the government for the United States of America

What type of national government did the Constitution create?

A Federal Republic

What was the primary goal of the Constitution's framers?

to create an effective government

Why our forefathers felt the need to change the articles and create the constitution?

The Constitution was created to strengthen the government.

Why did they make constitution?

A constitution is a framework for government and the new nation, to survive, needed a better framework since the "confederation" didn't work. This meant they had to create a document that was able to create the government needed. So, the constitution was written from May to Sept. 1787 to form the government.

When drafting the constitution the framers were careful to create a government that did not?

concentrate powers.