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No, generally the patriots were farmers, blacksmiths, carpenters, or other just regular guys. They were not very well funded and could not afford proper military formalities. They would often be at home sleeping with their families and be woken in the middle of the night to run out in fight nearby their homes. They would put on whatever their regular clothes were and take off. Yet after the Battle of Saratoga, France started funding America, and got uniforms along with other supplies. A Continental soldier's attire included a cocked hat, a waist coat and regiment coat, breeches, long stockings, and leather shoes. Two cross-belts strapped over his shoulders, one used for a cartridge box, and one to hold a bayonet in place on either side of his hips. A white cotton or linen waist coat was under the soldier's overcoat. These overcoats were either blue or brown (depending on which state a soldier belonged to).

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Generally, they didn't have a uniform for colonial men. They wore the clothing they normally wore. Breeches, shirt, hat, stockings, shoes, power horn, shot, and gun as well as a knapsack with items in it.

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Unlike their British opponents, for the most part the patriots fought wearing their everyday clothing. Among the more wealthy of militia companies, some form of military uniform was worn. Following the famous Battle of Bunker Hill, a small number of the general population of troops began to wear uniforms, as well.

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Q: Did the patriots wear a uniform during the Revolutionary War?
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