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Thomas did not think people could govern themselves because they were selfish and would only do things to benefit themselves.

yes i guess that's true he said that BUT he believed that humans should give all their power to one person and that one makes laws so that there is no need for war. he believed that people governing themselves was only war.

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No; he believed that humans were innately driven to survive, which would lead to chaos and civil war. He theorized an absolute monarchy as the best solution.

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Q: Did thomas hobbes belived that people would be better off without a government?
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What kind of government did Hobbes want?

Hobbes wanted a strong government monarchy.

What was thomas hobbes goals of government?

He wanted a better form of government, without absolute rulers and favorable to the people, He also believed people was born naturally wicked and selfish , and that they was not able to govern themselves therefore he believed in monarchy .

Is Calvin and hobbes better then Wilbert?

Calvin and Hobbes is CLEARLY better than Dilbert.

Which philosopher believed in strong government control?

Thomas Hobbes for one

What did Phillis Wheatley believed in?

She belived in freedom and peace o can u tell me more about her like her hobbes or anything thing fun about her

Who said without government life would be solitary poor nasty brutish and short?

The philosopher Thomas Hobbes said it, it came from the Leviathan (a book collecting most of his work)

Which is better Garfield comics or Calvin and Hobbes comics?

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What did hobbes call the imaginary time in history when man lived without man-made laws or government?

the state of nature

What does Hobbes believe?

Hobbes believed that government was necessary to keep order and to avoid chaos.

What ideas of government were introduced by hobbes in leviathan?

Hobbes presented three types of government monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy. He argued that monarchy was the best.

What was thomas hobbes ideas?

Hobbes main idea was human being need government to control them

What did Hobbes suggest must be done to keep human society from becoming a war of all against all?

Hobbes advocated the idea of a strong government which all citizens agreed to obey. Without an agreed upon ruler, according to Hobbes, society would descend into violence and chaos.