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The short answer is yes, but also know that Congress is elected every two years and gets a new number each time. Every other congressional election -- that is, once every four years -- there is also a presidential election that coincides with the congressional elections and again congress gets a new number.

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No, It only changes every 2 years

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Q: Do congress get a new number every time the president is elected?
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Are senators picked by the president?

No, they are elected by the people of their state in an election. Every six years a congress person runs for office. Representatives are every 2 years.

When is the president is elected?

The President is elected every four years.

How often is a president elected in Djibouti?

A president is elected every 6 years in Djibouti.

When were representatives elected to congress?

Representatives are elected to Congress in November of every even-numbered year. Representatives are elected to a two-year term, and ALL representatives stand for election in every election cycle.

When the president is?

The President is elected every four years.

How does someone become a state representative?

They are either elected by the President every 2 years or by Congress itself. tis isn't right go to

How often are leaders elected in Argentina?

The President of Argentina is elected by popular vote every 4 years.

Who selects vice president?

There are quite a few people who actually approve the selection of a vice president. In a way the American population as a whole does.

The president and congress differ in their election cycles?

Yes. A president is elected every four years and serves a maximum of two 4 year terms. A member of the House of Representatives is elected every two years without term limitations. A senator is elected every six years without term limitations. It should be noted that there is a senatorial election every two years; however each senator serves a six year term. Therefore, one third of the senate is elected in each two year election.

How often can a president be elected?

Every 4 years.....?

How often do president get elected?

Every 4 years.

How is congress reappointed?

Congress works on a cycle, the house of representatives are elected every two years, and the senate every six years on a two year cycle, creating a third of the house elected each year.