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Yes-congressmen take an oath of office before they begin work.

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Yea, elected politicians have to take an oath of office,even if they do not hold government post.

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Q: Do elected politicians have to take an oath of office?
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On which Bible does the newsly elected president plan to take his oath of office?

President Obama swore the oath of office on Abraham Lincoln's Bible.

Must someone elected to the presidency takes an oath before taking office?

Yes- the President must take the oath of office as required by the US Constitution.

Are senators required to take an oath of office?

Yes, all elected officials must be sworn into office.

What is the term used for a person elected but not officially in office?

President "elect" or Senator "elect" I believe is the proper title for an elected individual who has yet to take th oath of office.

What must the president promise to do before he can take office?

First he has to be legally elected as President or else become president by succession. Second he must be "sworn in" by taking the oath of office before a person who is legally qualified to administer oaths.

Will Obama take the Oath of Office over the Koran?

No, he used the Bible to take his oath of office.

Why did President Obama have to be sworn?

The U.S. Constitution says that the president must take the presidential oath and be sworn in; usually, it is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who administers the oath. If a president is re-elected, he still has to take the oath of office a second time.

When Obama take his oath?

Obama took is oath right after he was elected prez

What month does the us president take office?

January The electoral college is elected in November and the President is elected in December, but the President is sworn with the oath on January 20th!

What does the president have to take before he can he can take office?

Oath of Office

Who replaces obama if he does not take the oath of office?

Joe Biden would serve as the President and therefore take the oath of office in the case the Obama did not.

Who is the first president to take the oath of office?

All US presidents take the oath of office, starting with the first president, George Washington.