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Highwaymen were traveling robbers on horseback existed from the late 15th century until the 19th century in England and Ireland. Some of these bandits were immortalized in stories, song, and poetry. In the most part, they were violent and would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. To this definition of "Highwaymen," they no longer exist.

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Outlaws, highwaymen were ruthless sorts, killing or maiming innocent people in cold blood. They had little regard for their victims and no respect for the law.

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Q: Do highwaymen kill other people
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Did highwaymen kill people they robbed?

In some cases, highwaymen did kill the people they robbed, especially if the victims resisted or fought back. However, not all highwaymen resorted to violence, as their main goal was to steal valuables without drawing attention to themselves.

Where did the highwaymen kill people?

Highwaymen were known to ambush travelers on isolated roads or in areas with little law enforcement presence. They would typically target victims traveling on foot, horseback, or in carriages to rob and sometimes harm or kill them.

When did highwaymen start to kill?

As soon as there were highways.

Why do highwaymen threaten people?

If they didn't threaten people, they wouldn't be very good highwaymen.

Do highwaymen rob other highwaymen?

It is possible for highwaymen to rob other highwaymen, as they may see them as competition for potential targets. However, it is not a common occurrence as they typically target travelers and merchants passing through their territory.

What did the highwaymen do?

Highwaymen were people who rode on the backs of horses stopping travellers (mainly ones in coaches) anywhere so they could steal valuable items e.g. gold, money. When they found a coach the highwaymen would hold up a pistol to rich ladies and gentleman inside the coach. Then as the petrified people would not want to be shot, they would unwillingly give away their treasure.

What did people think of the highwaymen?

Highwaymen were thieves, robbers and murderers. They were despised.

What did highwaymen rob?

Highwaymen did not rob countries they robbed people. They would normally target the rich and wealthy or tax collectors; they were mainly active in England in the 1700 and early 1800's. Other countries had their own versions of highwaymen such as stagecoach robbers in the USA and Bushrangers in Australia

How can you kill you or other people people in clubpenguin?

you can not kill.

What did highwaymen do most?

Highwaymen actually went around different places and robbed people. If they didn't get what they wanted, they would of killed that person.

Who did the highwaymen prey on?

rich people with loads of money and riches

What is the name of the people who would steal from the traders as they traveled?