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Yes. Most jobs require that you speak English. Almost anywhere you go, the de facto language is English. Also, 83% percent of Americans speak English as their primary language (they speak it at home and outside of the home). Many people speak another language at home, but speak English at work/school/etc...Next time your out walking around, read everything you see (signs, posters, etc)... almost all of it will be in English.

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Q: Do most immigrants today have sufficient incentive to learn English?
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What percentage of immigrants come to the US to learn English?

Around 10% of immigrants come to the US primarily to learn English. Many immigrants come for reasons such as employment, education, or to join family members. Learning English may be a secondary or additional goal for them.

Which of these helped immigrants learn English?

news papers

How do US immigrants learn English?

english is the most commonly used language

Where can one learn English for free?

My cousins are new immigrants and don't have much money. Where can they learn English for free?

Should immigrants have to learn English?

While it can be beneficial for immigrants to learn English in order to better integrate into society and access opportunities, it should not be mandatory. Many immigrants face barriers such as limited resources or time constraints that make learning a new language challenging. Providing support and resources for language learning can help facilitate the process for immigrants.

What is the best learn english job?

If you are interested in teaching English, the best available location would be nearby ESL schools, or English as a Second Language. You can then teach immigrants english in an English-speaking country.

Should immigrants have to learn to speak English before entering the US?

No. United States does not have an official legal language.But there is a basic spoken English and literacy test for people becoming citizens though.If immigrants come to the United States with the intent of doing business and/or becoming citizens, they usually do take the time and make the effort to learn the English language. However, immigrants who enter and/or stay in the United States illegally and take advantage of our lack of law enforcement usually do not bother to learn the language.

Can you tell me what is an esl job?

An ESL job is a job in a English as a Second Language learning facility, where immigrants who understand minimal English can learn and understand the language.

When the Chinese came to British Columbia in 1880 did they speak English?

No, when the Chinese came to British Columbia they had to learn English after getting there, like many immigrants to North America.

How did immigrants learn English?

Italians learned English by having English speaking friends and family members. They learned it by hearing it spoken by tourists. They learned it by listening to the radio and by watching films and television programs. They learned it in school. They learned it in the course of travel and vacations. They learned it on the job. They learned it through emigration from Italy and immigration into English speaking countries. In all cases, they learned English, because they were motivated to learn and speak it.

Why didn't the immigrants in the 1900's have to learn English?

It is not accurate to say the immigrants did not have to learn English. In fact, most newcomers realized they would need to speak at least some English if they wanted to be successful in America; this was especially true for those who wanted to become citizens, which required passing a test that was given entirely in English. But the reality was that many immigrants, especially those from impoverished backgrounds, had little time to study; they immediately went to work in factories or in other menial jobs where English skills were not essential, and they worked hard to support their family. There were some who went to night school and tried their best to master their new language; and a small number came from upper-class backgrounds and already knew some English. For the most part, however, the majority of the immigrants were focused on having their children study hard and learn English well.

What kind of language did immigrants speak?

Immigrants spoke whatever language(s) they spoke in their place of origin unless and until they learned the primary languages of the place to which they had immigrated. Immigrants to the United States could learn English but arrived speaking English, Russian, Yiddish, Japanese, German, Italian, Romanian, Arabic, or any number of other languages. Immigrants to Brazil could learn Brazilian Portuguese but arrived speaking English Portuguese, Russian, Yiddish, Japanese, German, Italian, Romanian, Arabic, or any number of other languages.