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Q: Do potential presidential candidates campaign in every primary?
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What is an invisible primary?

An invisible primary refers to the period before the official start of the presidential nomination process, where potential candidates start fundraising, building support, and engaging with party elites and activists. It is an important phase in shaping the field of candidates and gauging potential contenders' viability.

What is an election that is part of the process for choosing presidential candidates.?

presidential primary

What is true of Democratic presidential primary candidates when compared with Republican presidential primary candidates?

Democrats permit candidates receiving 15 percent or more of the vote to proportionally divide delegates.

What is the practice of moving presidential primary elections to the early part of a campaign called?

The practice of moving presidential primary elections to the early part of a campaign is called front-loading. It involves states scheduling their primaries or caucuses earlier in the election calendar to have a greater influence on the nomination process and attract more attention from candidates and the media.

How long Obama's Presidential primary campaign?

332 days

Do political parties pick presidential candidates?

Yes, indeed. The presidential nominees are an important function of the national parties. They do hold primary elections to let the rank-and-file party members and supporters vote for potential candidates and recently these primaries have became all-important to the nomination process.

Why did mike huckabee drop out of the presidential campaign?

He lost the Texas Primary

How many electoral votes needed in the primary election to become a nominee in the presidential campaign?

The electoral college has absolutely nothing to do with nominating process for US presidential and vice presidential candidates. Each political party controls its own process of nominations limited only by the level of cooperation from each of the states.

What was the Primary campaign issue in the 1888 presidential election?

the issue over tarriffs

Explain the open primary system?

Where registered voters can vote for a party's final presidential candidates.

What election is part of the process for choosing presidential candidates?

caucus_nominating convention_primary

Which is the most reliable source for recording information about a political candidates stance on specific issues?

Primary campaign literature