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Primary elections are preliminary elections for the purpose of choosing the candidates for the main elections that actual choose the office-holders. The term "state primary" may refer to an election held within a state to choose candidates for the presidential election or it may refer to primaries held to choose candidates for state offices.

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Q: What are the state primaries?
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Primaries are held in every state?


What state was the first state to vote in the primaries in 2008?

Iowa was the first state.

What is the difference between the primaries and a convention?

Primaries are elections held by political parties to choose their candidates for an upcoming election. A convention is a meeting where party delegates officially nominate their candidates and finalize their party platform for the election. Primaries are usually held before the convention to determine the candidates who will be officially endorsed at the convention.

What are the modified primaries?

Modified primaries refer to elections where the rules have been altered to allow certain types of voters, such as independents, to participate in the primary election process. This modification can vary by state and can include open primaries, semi-closed primaries, or semi-open primaries. The aim is to broaden participation and potentially increase voter turnout.

What is the difference between binding and nonbinding primaries?

Non-binding primaries is when states can select candidates to a specific state convention and then select delegates for the national convention. Binding primaries is when all of the delegates must vote for a candidate at the national convention.

How do delagates get chosen for a state convention?

Delegates are chosen by State Primaries and caucuses!

When is the presidential republican primary election?

Primaries begin in January of an election year. The Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primaries are usually the first, with one or two state primaries each week until "Super Tuesday," a single day in late February or early March when nearly half the states conduct primaries and caucuses.

What state was it during the progressive era came up with direct primaries?

New York

When are the electoral votes taken?

During state primaries and conventions of political parties midyear.

What do state primaries or party conventions take place to choose?

to choose the president or vice president

Why is the 2008 State of the Union address on Monday instead of Tuesday?

becasue on Tuesday there will be the primaries for Florida.

What is a good sentence for direct primaries?