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After elections, senators then elect their own officers to run the agenda and processes. They elect the leader and the whips.

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Q: Do the senates elect their own officers?
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Does the Senate elect its own officers?

Yes, other than the presiding chair, who is the Vice President.

What did soldiers in training elect in the civil war?

They elected officers

What did soldiers in training during the American Civil War elect?

They elected officers

How is a corporation organized?

A Corporation is owned by shareholders who elect directors, who appoint officers.

Must live in the state he or she represent?

the senates THE SENATES

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Traditionally, Bride Elect is used to denote property. The man has chosen to own this woman.

What is a nation in which voters elect their own representatives?

A democratic republic nation is one in which voters elect their own representatives. Some nations that are democratic republic are Nepal, Congo, and Ethiopia.

A nation in which voters elect their own representatives?

Representative Democracy

What three officers must every county elect?

the three Illinois country elected from his country is came from the people who are voting for the official

What was the job of the medieval cardinal?

Cardinals were Church officers, usually archbishops, who had the additional authority to elect a pope, should one be needed.

Who used to elect senators?

No. The Constitution established in 1787 that the State Legislatures would appoint the Senators. It was not until the 17th Amendment, ratified in 1913, that senators would be elected directly by the people.

Steps how to elect class officers?

The steps on how to elect class officers are straightforward. Start by registering the voters, who are the members of the class. Nominate the candidates who will contest the position and have the registered members vote for their preferred choice. Count the votes and declare the winner who takes up the office of the class officer.