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because saying po is sign of resfect to elders.

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Q: Do you agree that using po and opo and kissing the hands of parents are signs of respect and should be preserve. why?
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Maintaining family solidarity?

There has to be mutual respect, understanding and communication for there to be family solidarity. Children should obey their parents and consider their guidance.

What phrase is in the Declaration of Independence and the Western Political Thought?

All men are created equally. Even if they are small tall, black or white. All men and women should be shown respect even if they don't show respect to you.

Why do you need to respect superior?

Respect of Elders is simply recognising their place in society as being more experienced and have a wealth of knowledge and should be given the benefit of the doubt when interacting with them . Imagine where your life is right now and what you expect from your younger siblings or even your children. They naturally respect your size, wisdom and place in the family unit. Well, elders are in the same position we will find ourselves in one day and thus we should apply the natural moral of "treat others as you wish to be treated" past, future and presently. This will align our perspective/attitude with the correct way to see elders if our perspective isn't of respect for them already.

''none of you truly believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself''what dos this mean?

Hello friend, It means if you want people to talk to you with respect or treat you in a kind way , you should also do the same to others. once you have accomplished that then you have true faith, because Islam is based upon love, respect, kindness, etc.. I hope I have answered your question.

Why is it important for citizens to preserve the Constitution?

it is only important if you care about any and all of your rights, u know your right to speak freely to bear arms to own property to be able to protest things you fundamentally disagree with. it should be the utmost importance to every citizen

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What are the duties of a youth to his parents and to himself?

he should respect them and obey them

Which day is for sons-in-law to pay respect to their parents-in-law?

They should show respect every day.

Should you care for your parents?

OF COURSE YOU SHOULD CARE FOR YOUR PARENTS! you should respect them and be gratful because they love you,care for you and support you always no matter what!

Should you respect your parents?

"Yes, you should respect your parents because in the Bible and in the Koran it said that when you respect your parents your children will respect you and when you don't respect your parents your children wont respect you." Oh yeah, in the Bible and the Qu'ran. Yes, that is how it's spelled. This depends on how your parents treat you. If you can support yourself, then by all means cut them off. And this 'children won't respect you' belief is pure nonsense. You can still be a great parent without letting your children know who their grandparents are. I did not know my grandfather on my "father's side" and did he go astray? Please, go look up the facts. I doubt you were in that situation, you under-educated pinger.

What if you been caught my parents caught me kissing in bed?

you should lock the door and don't let them in or maybe you should hide

How should you show respect to your parents and teachers?

i have no idea.i think maybe by listening and obeying them

What are good tips for parents about the bully problem?

Parents should ask the kids how their day was at school and were there any problems. They should teach them to respect others instead of becoming a bully.

What did Confucius believe about people showing loyalty and respect within the family?

Fathers should display high moral values to inspire their families. Children should respect and obey their parents. All family members should be loyal to each other.

What do parents do if their children did not respect them?

Respect is earned, not enforced. Maybe you should ask yourself, "What must I do to "earn" the respect of my son?"

How should I ask a 60 year old woman to become my kissing teacher Please answer?

you should ask politely. say something like, 'i have a problem and i was wondering if you could help me. do you have any advice on kissing, maybe from your teenage years?' respect and politeness always helps, and many will be happy to help

Is is stupid if your upset about someone forcing you to kiss them?

Never. There should be trust between you two if you're kissing. If they don't respect you, then they aren't worth it. And if it's someone you don't really want kissing you, it's sexual battery, and that's against the law.

Should Parents be penalized when teenagers under eighteen commit crimes?

To a certain extent, yes. Parents are supposed to be responsibly for their childrens actions. And children need to respect their parents as well.