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Yes I agree with the delegates' rule of secrecy because what ever ur business decusses in a meeting or plan on what they are going to do they shouldn't tell anyone cause if the word gets out to the wrong person and they might have to switch their whole plan just because it go out to the wrong person

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Q: Do you agree with the delegates' rule of secrecy?
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If you had been a delegate to the Constitutional convention would you have voted 4 the secrecy rule why or why not?

Yes, agree because if they were to tell everyone, which yeah some more people might help after hearing it but at the same time, people that don't want to will tell the British and then they'll know somethings up.(S.S)

What type of government did the delegates agree should have?

a Democracy

What is secrecy rule?

The Secrecy Rule was established at the Constitutional Convention to protect its work processes. It allowed the Framers of the Constitution to debate freely and resolve problems efficiently.

What did the delegates of the convention agree on?

First tell us what 'the following' are.

What delegates of the constitutional convention agree upon?

None of the plans

What were the key rules at the Constitutional Convention?

The 2 most important rules of the Constitutional Convention were that the discussions would be kept secret and that delegates could reopen any issue for later debate. These rules facilitated relatively free and open discussion.

What is Matt Bellamy's favorite book?

Rule by secrecy - by Jim Marrs

Why did the constitutional convention delegates hold their meetings in secret?

Constitutional delegates adopted a rule of secrecy for two mail reasons. They thought if no notes were taken, they could have a more free and unbiased discussion among themselves. Also, they wanted to prevent the misunderstandings that occur when things are discussed by the public in bits and pieces. They wanted people to see the finished product with fresh eyes.

What were the secrecy rules during the constitutional convention?

The Secrecy rule said that the convention had to be held in secret and no outside sources could know what was being debated inside the convention. It helped delegates talk freely without the threat of media attention or possibly losing their political careers due to votes or subject matter they addressed.

What rule did Bree break?

You mean Bree Tanner. Bree was part of the vampire army that broke the vampire secrecy rule.

what did the delegates agree on when they came up with the Constitution?

Yopu mean construction

Did George Washington and the state delegates agree in the US Constitution by voting?