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You can register before you turn 18 if you will be 18 by the next Election Day.

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Q: Do you have to be 18 for 6 months before an election to vote for a president?
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If you did not vote in the 2004 presidential election do you have to register again to vote in the 2008 presidential election?

no, you do not have to register to vote. In most states you have to register where you live and do it some fixed time before the election. As long as you do not move out of your voting precinct your registration will stay in effect from one year to another even if you do not vote in every election.

What arguments contradict the theory that Americans are less involved in government than ever before?

The first election of President Obama brought out many young people and minority first-time voters. The second election of President Obama had people waiting in line for hours to be able to vote.

How many presidents have been elected unanimously?

No US president was elected unanimously by popular vote. The only president elected unanimously by the electoral college was George Washington (There was no popular vote in this election).

What is the president chosen by?

The president of the United States is chosen by the people of the United States. An election is held every four years for the citizens to vote for their next president.

Can you just vote on president or do you have to vote on all issues?

A person may vote for the president only if that is what he or she chooses to do. There will be many other offices up for election, Repesentatives, Senators and state officers too. Nothing requires a person to vote on every office or issue in order to have the presidential vote counted.

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How does the presidential election process happen?

they vote for the best president vote for president baraco bama

Do you have to vote in the caucus to vote in the election for the president?

No, that's just for the primaries.

Who will Kansas vote for in the president election?


In what Mouth do you vote for president?

The election is in May.

Does the president vote in a presidential election?


Do the secret service vote for president?

They can vote in the election. like everybody else.

If you vote early and your candidate choice dies before the election Nov 4 who becomes the party's choice as candidate and will your vote be worthless?

that elected vice- president

How is the election of president different from the election of other members of the government?

Voters cast a single vote for both the President and the Vice President.

What are election votes?

It is when you vote for like .... the president or senate!

What election is one where the citizens vote for the President?

A presidential election is one where citizens vote for the President. In this type of election, voters directly choose their preferred candidate for the position of President of their country. The candidate who receives the majority of the electoral votes or the popular votes (depending on the country's system) wins the election and becomes the President.

Can you vote if you will be 18 within six months of election?

No. You have to be 18 to vote. Close doesn't count.

Who was the president elect when women voted in 1918?

There were many different elections before women could vote, the right to vote was not obtained until 1921 by women.