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Coroner positions are elected positions. You do not have to have or hold any specific degree in order to obtain a coroner position. It's honestly a matter of getting elected, which is much easier said than done.

Some places have replaced coroner positions with Medical Examiners and you must hold a medical degree in order to obtain this position. In essence, a medical examiner is a job where certain qualifications must be met as opposed to a coroner who is elected by the voters.

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Q: Do you have to be elected to be coroner?
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Who appoints a coroner?

In the United States, coroners are elected, not appointed. And just about anyone can become a coroner. Surprisingly enough, many of these positions can be run unopposed.

Does Louisiana have a coroner?

The state's coroners are members of the judicial branch. In each parish a coroner is elected for a term of four years. Coroners must generally be licensed doctors

Does El Paso community have a coroner or medical examiner?

el paso county Texas has a medical examiner system. the medical examiner is a medical doctor with a background in pathology. not an elected official such as a coroner.

What are the responsibilities of a coroner?

It depends on the county (or the specific duties of the coroner may be set by the state).The most general duty of a coroner is to confirm and document the death of an individual.As Coroner, I must aver, I thoroughly examined her, and she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead.In some locations the coroner is a physician and may personally perform examinations to determine the cause of death (especially in cases where foul play is suspected). In other locations the coroner may be a layperson with no medical training who simply officially records that a death has occurred; in these cases if an examination of the body is required the coroner would not do so themselves, but would request an examination from a medical professional. Depending on the county/state, the coroner may be elected, appointed, or may simply hold the position by virtue of holding some other office (for example, the county sheriff might be designated to perform the duties of the coroner as well).

Are medical examiner and coroner elective or appointive?

It really depends on the locality. Some city or county coroners/medical examiners are appointed and others might be elected.

What is the difference between the coroner system and the medical examiner?

A coroner is normally an elected official who holds inquests and investigates the circumstances of violent or unusual death. A coroner does not have to have a medical degree. A Medical examiner is an appointed position for investigating violent or unusual deaths. A medical examiner has a medical related degree and is medically qualified to perform autopsies and medical tests to determine cause of death.

How do you obtain a coroner?

one cannot "obtain a coroner" a coroner is a physician who is employed by your local hospital

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