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No. This is a private matter and you do not have to tell anyone.

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Q: Do you have to tell your boss who you voted for in a political election?
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In a viva voce election how are candidates voted on?

I think it's in the order they were nominated. Can someone tell me if that's rite?

If you vote democrat in presidential election can you vote different in other elections?

Yes, please do. ____________ Your vote is yours. No one can tell you who to vote for. It is your choice. Vote Democrat, vote Republican, vote for an independent candidate. NO ONE legally knows who you voted for in the last election unless you tell them. You can switch your vote with each election. One of the great things about democracy. You can choose who you vote for.

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In order to win election both political parties normally do what?

Make promises they can't keep and generally tell the people what they want to hear.

Is it illegal to say who you voted for on election day?

It is not illegal to say who you voted for but most people don't tell anyone so that they won't change their mind about who they will vote for. For example, a person wants to vote for Romney. He tells his best friend but his best friend thinks that Obama is better. So he tries to convince him to change his mind and that is what most people don't like.

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What did some political matchines turn to when they lacked votes?

In the 1800’s in some large eastern cities the political bosses would send men out to get the street and homeless people and bring them to the fire stations. They would hold them there, feed them, give them their drugs or alcohol until the election. On the day of the election they would tell the people they had how to vote. In Baltimore the last known reference to Poe was in one of these election roundups. A few days after the election he died.

How do I answer when My boss wants me to tell her what I do well?

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Can a registered republican vote independent in presidential election?

in the United States, absolutely! You can vote for anyone, including a write-in vote in most states (you can even vote for yourself), and nobody has the right to know who you voted for if you don't want to tell them.

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