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They tell the voters about what their parties plan to do.

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Q: How do leader debates influence an election?
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How many presidential debates have there been in the 2008 election?

There has been three presidential debates in the 2008 election.

What was the outcome of the 1960 presidential election strongly influenced by?

The televised debates between Kennedy and Nixon may have tipped the election to Kennedy.

How many debates were held in 1960 in the series of presidential debates?

There were four presidential debates in the election of 1960, between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. These were the presidential debates as well as the first nationally televised debates in US history.

The leader who stand for the election is known as the?

The leader who stand for election is known as the

Are presidential debates debates?

Presidential debates can influence the decisions made by voters in Presidential elections. Even though in most elections, there is a lot of party loyalty, and many voters are determined to vote for the candidate of their own party, almost regardless of anything else they may learn about that person, still, there are some people who are undecided, and who can be influenced, and in a close election, such influences can be important.

How do debates influence people?

Hi As in life there are always at least to ways to answer a question, and in debates there are two types of debate. There is open debate that can lead to a general acceptance of a topic, that can become a specific norm, that can influence people. There are closed debates that are not aired in the general domain, and these do little to directly influence people.

How many presidential debates are usually held before the actual election?


What was the key issue in the lincoln-douglas debates?

The key issue in the Lincoln-Douglas debates was slavery. Lincoln and Douglas were viewed as contenders for the 1860 presidential election.

Who runs the debates in the house of representatives?

The House majority leader

Why did Lincoln emerge as a leader after the debates?

He emerged as a leader because he was a better debater and most Americans sympathized with his arguments.

When did president Lincoln loose to Stephan A. Douglas?

In the 1858 election for senator. During this event, Lincoln and Douglas held a series of debates, known as the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

When are the uNITED sTATES presidential election debates?

If the person wins the most votes he becomes president