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it led corporations and unions to increase election spending

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how did the creation of super PACs influence U.S election campaigns beginning in 2010?

it led corporations and unions to increase election spending

How do political action committees influence elections?

PACs contribute money to re-election campaigns.

Is there any difference between political campaign or election campaign?

Yes There is a difference: A political campaign is an organised effort to influence the decision making process within society and government. Some examples of this would be the 'Right to Life' campaign or the "Campaign to Save Native Forests". An election campaign is a period before an election where the candidates and parties are saying and doing everything that they can to be elected. In democracies, political campaigns often influence election campaigns, where representatives are chosen to stand for parliament. Political campaigns also include organised efforts to alter policy within any institution, such as the campaign to prevent the establishment of a toxic waste dump in Mildura.

What is The creation of MySpace pages by candidates in the 2008 Presidential Election is an example of the use of to influence public opinion?

social media

How did the campaign of 1828 compare with present day elections?

The election campaigns today do not resemble the election campaign of 1840 in any way. Today, graphics and technology are vital in the campaigns which was not used in the 1840 campaigns among other differences.

Which is not a use of the federal income tax?

presidentil election campaigns

What has the author Robert S Erickson written?

Robert S. Erickson has written: 'The timeline of presidential election campaigns' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Presidents, Political campaigns, Election, History

Which of the following is not a use of the federal income tax?

presidential election campaigns

What did the Presidential Election Campaign Fund created in 1971 provide?

Public funds for presidential campaigns

Which of the following groups is responsible for regulating the financing of campaigns?

Federal Election Commission

This item limits federal employees' involvement in election campaigns?

The Hatch Act limits the participation of federal employees in political campaigns.

What has the author Thomas M Holbrook written?

Thomas M. Holbrook has written: 'Do campaigns matter?' -- subject(s): Presidents, Voting, Election, Political campaigns