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no because the british cant be in another continent or country and be giving them rules that the colonies dont want to folllow. the colonies can make thier own rules. they also cant tax them on what is not useful. and the colonies cant oay taxes for what they dont know

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In some ways the British were justified in taxing the colonists. The British stationed its army there to keep the French and Indians from trying to take over. Other governmental functions were provided by Britain that had to be paid for in some way. The taxation itself could have been justifiable but it was that it was without representation that the Americans objected to. They just wanted to have some say in those matters instead of having tax after tax imposed on them.

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What are some of the bad things king george 3rd did that angered the colonist in 1778 with the parliment.

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Q: Do you think the British were justified in their efforts to tax the colonists?
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Do you think the British were justified in passing The Intolerable Acts?


What did colonists do to protect british rule?

I think you are confused because it was not up to the colonists to protect British rule. It was up to the British forces.

How do you think British colonists evolved from being loyal British citizens to revolutionaries?

How do you think British colonists evolved from being loyal British citizens to revolutionaries? Why?

Were the colonists justified in dumping the British tea into Boston Harbor?

to be free from taxesand to make the king mad and angry.

What did the british think of the stamp act?

They thought it was fair to tax the colonists.

What did the British think of the colonist's fighting technique?

The British did not at all approve of the way the colonists were fighting. Colonists were using what is known as guerilla tactics. The British believed in open fighting, in lines, on fields. The colonists were attacking from cover, and quickly disappearing. The British found this ungentlemanly.

What did the colonists think of these new laws?

If you mean England, the colonists hated the new laws because of the taxes the British were dumping on the colonists and how British was trying to control them. the 13 colonies eventually didn't like the british acts so much that they rebeled.

Why did the British think the colonists would tolerate the Townshend acts?

bcaus ethey did

Do you think the colonial outrage over the Boston massacre was justified?

When the soldiers were keeping older they were attacked by colonists and the soldiers defened themselves by firing. So yes it was justified for the brittish. America did not deserve to wage war with Britain...

What rights did the colonists think the British government was taking away from them?

that they had to pay taxes on tea

Who did the colonists think should pay taxes than british Parliament?

chimi gana

Who won at the American colonies justified in a fight a war against the British?

It all depends on what you think after you have studied it. What is justified to one person is inexcusable to someone else. In my opinion, some of the American grievances were fully justified. Others like the Stamp Act were overblown.