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No, because there were many citizens revolting (ex; the whiskey rebellion)

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Q: Do you think the newly established government met the expectations of its citizen's?
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Did the newly established government met the expectations of its citizens?

you like balls

How would you use newly in a sentence?

The newly established government seemed to be progressing properly.

Why was the freedmen s bureau established?

The Freedmen's Bureau was established after the Civil War to help newly freed African Americans transition to freedom by providing food, housing, medical care, education, and legal assistance. It aimed to ensure the rights and protection of newly emancipated individuals and to aid in their integration into society as free citizens.


The U.S. Constitution is a very important document. It established and set the guidelines for the U.S. government. It has also been a model since its inception for newly established democratic governments.

In 1777 what Americans were forming a new plan for government?

Leaders of the newly formed United States of America established the Articles of Confederation in 1777. This document was their first, and poorly executed, attempt to establish a federal government.

States began to strip black Americans of their newly established civil rights in the 1880s In which year did the federal government begin to reestablish civil rights for black Americans?


What did the compromise of 1790 create?

The Compromise of 1790 is what spurred the creation of the Residence and Assumption Acts of July 1790. This was extremely important because it became the first compromise of the newly established government.

If there is a newly established company that is hiring and you are meeting with the board of directors for a position what should you ask to make sure the company is financially sound?

"I understand your company is newly established. How well is it known in its related field?"

What amendment made all newly freed slaves citizens of the US?

The 14th amendment

How does The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution differ in their purposes?

The US Constitution established rules for the US government, while the Declaration of Independence did not. The Declaration (1776) only stated that the states were no longer ruled by Britain, while the Constitution (1789) established the governmental framework for the independent nation, replacing the ineffective Articles of Confederation (1781).

Which is the recently built high court in India?

they are newly established in Chateeshgarh, ranchi and utrakhand

The 15th amenments This amendment allowed the newly freed slaves to?

participate more fully as citizens.