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It means stirring up trouble or 'Pulling the branch off a tree'.

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Q: Does 'Rolihlahla' really mean stirring up trouble?
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What does mandela's first name rolihlahla mean?

Rolihlahla means disturber.

What does Rolihlahla mean in South Africa?

it means 'troublemaker'

What does 'soul-stirring joy' mean?

it mean that it is soul but it is stirring in joys

What does Nelson Mandela mean?

Nelson Mandela's forename at birth was Rolihlahla, which is a Xhosa colloquial term meaning troublemaker. Mandela passed away in December 2013.

What does spattering of crystals mean?

Meaning crystals are in the process of stirring

What does stirred mean?

it mean that it is soul but it is stirring in joys

What does it mean if a guy says you're in trouble for not being at school?

It means he missed you and wanted to hang out. Most boys don't really mean you're "In trouble".

What does Stirring mean in Science?

In science, stirring refers to the physical act of agitating a liquid or substance to create a homogeneous mixture or to speed up a chemical reaction by increasing contact between reactants. Stirring is commonly used in experiments to ensure even distribution of substances and promote efficient interactions between molecules.

What does kick up dust mean?

The image is of someone kicking around in the ground, stirring up a cloud of dust to obscure things and dirty the surroundings. It means to cause trouble or raise a disturbance.

What is Ja conyo pendeja Mean?

It is really bad swearing. Nobody can answer this without getting in trouble.

What do you mean by teaching with dramatized experiences?

Stirring or affecting or moving.

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That is a bit vague, but I will assume you mean when Eliza Jane Wilder taught the De Smet school. Yes, Laura did get into trouble with her.