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Q: Does Walter mondale appear in godfather part 2?
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When did democrats start using super delegates?

From The Nation: By 1980 the party establishment had seen enough. It struck back with a commission of its own, led by North Carolina Governor James Hunt. It returned power to elected officials and party regulars--the superdelegates, who will make up about 20 percent of the 4,049 delegates at the Democratic convention. They include all Democratic members of Congress and every governor, but roughly half of them are Democratic National Committee officials elected by state parties, who range from top party operatives to local city council members. Key interests in the party, like labor groups, can also name superdelegates. According to political scientist Rhodes Cook, superdelegates were created as a "firewall to blunt any party outsider that built up a head of steam in the primaries." That's what happened in 1984, when Senator Gary Hart launched an insurgent challenge to front-runner Walter Mondale. Hart won sixteen state primaries and caucuses to Mondale's ten, and barely lost the popular vote. Yet Mondale locked up virtually all the party's 700 or so superdelegates even before the primary began. Hart likely would have lost anyway, but the superdelegates sealed his defeat. "I got almost none of them, because [Mondale] was considered inevitable," Hart told me. What happened to Gary Hart was a true tragedy, the Democratic Party was as undemocratic as it could be. So now lets fast-forward to 2008 and here we have a close contest between the establishment candidate and the relative outsider. Now Howard Dean announced last night that he does not want to see a brokered convention, and that an agreement should be made after the voters are done deciding delegates in June. This would be a bad thing if the undemocratic super-delegates were considered part of the process, but then again, they'll have the same influence during the convention in August. And do you know what type of effect they'll make on the outcome?

In general what do you notice about the states in the western part of the US versus the states in the eastern part?

In general, states in the western part of the United States are larger than states in the eastern part.

Which of these is not part of the Preamble?

The answer is Which of these is not part of the Preamble?

What courts are part of which branch?

All courts are part of the judicial branch.

What of these describes the Federal Reserve System?

part private and part public company A+

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Who was the director of The Godfather?

The Godfather Trilogy (Godfather, Godfather Part II and Godfather Part III) was directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

How many academy did the godfather movie win?

Godfather Part 1- 3 Oscars Godfather Part 2- 6 Oscars Godfather Part 3- Nominated 7 Oscars

What are the names of the Godfather movies?

The original was simply called 'The Godfather'; the sequels were called 'The Godfather: Part II' and 'The Godfather: Part III'.

What is the duration of The Godfather Part II?

The duration of The Godfather Part II is 3.33 hours.

What is the duration of The Godfather Part III?

The duration of The Godfather Part III is 2.83 hours.

When was The Godfather Part II - soundtrack - created?

The Godfather Part II - soundtrack - was created in 1974.

When was The Godfather Part III created?

The Godfather Part III was created on 1990-12-25.

When was The Godfather Part II created?

The Godfather Part II was created on 1974-12-20.

Will The Godfather Part IV ever be produced?

No there won't be Godfather four.

Who is the don in the godfather part 2?

Where does the name Don come from in the Godfather?

When was The Godfather Part III - soundtrack - created?

The Godfather Part III - soundtrack - was created on 1990-12-18.

What part did Nicholas Cage play in the godfather part 3?

It's Nicholas Gage; Co-Executive Producer of The Godfather Part 3.