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Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan are current Supreme Court justices. They are women. Sandra Day O'Connor is a former Supreme Court justice. She is also a woman.

There are no constitutional qualifications for Supreme Court Justices. No age requirement, education requirement, or even a citizenship requirement. Never mind a protected class.

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Q: Does a Supreme Court Justice have to be a male?
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Is US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito a white male?

Yes, US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is a white male.

What supreme court justices haven't been white men?

The real question is: Why are most supreme court justices white? The answer is either the function of a supreme court justice is best suited by a white male, or the function of electing a supreme court justice is implicit in bias.

How many male justices are on the US Supreme Court?

At present (2011) six of the nine US Supreme Court justices are male: Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. Justice Antonin Scalia Justice Anthony Kennedy Justice Clarence Thomas Justice Stephen Breyer Justice Samuel Alito

What is an Associate Justice on the US Supreme Court?

Associate Justice is the formal title for any US Supreme Court justice who is not the Chief Justice. There are eight Associate Justices and one Chief Justice on the Supreme Court.

What were thurgood marshalls careers?

Thurgood Marshall's careers were an attorney and A Supreme Court Justice .

Who is the highest judge of the US Supreme Court?

The Chief Justice presides over the US Supreme Court. At present, the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court is John G. Roberts, Jr.

Does the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court lead the Court?

Yes. The Chief Justice leads or "presides over" the Supreme Court.

Who was the only supreme court justice to be impeached?

Samuel Chase was the only supreme court justice to be impeached.

What kind of judges does the supreme court have?

They are called supreme court justice

How long can a Supreme Court justice be on the Supreme Court?

until they die

How many supreme court Justice serve the supreme court?

There are 5 Wyoming Supreme Court Justices.

Who is the president chief justice of supreme court?

The Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court is John G. Roberts.