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It has potassium ions... an ion is what fills the highest occupied energy level... if it were just potassium atoms, u would blow up when you eat bananas... once the potassium bonds with another element it becomes stable

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Q: Does a banana have potassium atoms or potassium ions?
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How many ions are in potassium ferricyanide?

There are six atoms.There are two ions

Is potassium sulfate polar nonpolar or ionic?

Individually, potassium and sulfur are elements and therefore are not ions when found in a pure state. However, K2S (potassium sulfide) is a compound that is formed via ionic bonds between the potassium and sulfur atoms.

What is the Number of atoms in potassium iodide?

1 molecule of KI will have two atoms (one potassium and one ion), or more specifically two ions (one K+ and one Cl-).

What elements does potassium chlorate contain?

Potassium chlorate is a compound containing potassium, chlorine, and oxygen atoms. It's molecular formula is KClO3.

How many ions does potassium hydroxide have?

Potassium hydroxide is an ionic lattice. It has two types of ions and namely they are potassium ions and hydroxyl ions.

What is the chemical formula of potassium chromate?

This is a mixture of 2K+ and Cr2O72- ions in strong sulfuric acid.2CrO4- + 2H+ ----> Cr2O72- + H2Ochromate-yellow -> dichromate-orangeNote:Potassium ions do NOT react, they are tribune-ions

Which ions are exchanged in a sodium potassium pump?

3 sodium ions for 2 potassium ions.

Is KNO3 ionic or covalent?

Potassium nitrate is ionic. Metal compounds tend to be ionic as metal atoms readily form positive ions. It consists of potassium (K+) ions (group 1 metals always form 1+ ions) and nitrate (NO3-) ions in a 1:1 ratio.

Does potassuim and chlorine have opposite charges?

Potassium and chlorine atoms have the same charge, specifically 0. However, if one atom of each of these elements encounters an atom of the other, the potassium atom will transfer one of its electrons to the chlorine atom, leading to potassium ions and chloride ions, which do have opposite charges.

How are atoms and ions connected?

Atoms are neutral particles. Ions are charged atoms.

What is a brief description of the action of the sodium-potassium pump?

The sodium-potassium pump is a transmembrane protein in a cell membrane. It keeps large concentrations of sodium ions outside the cell, and potassium ions inside the cell. It does this by pumping the sodium ions out, and the potassium ions in.

Is there a reaction between ammonium chloride and potassium hydroxide?

No.If you add ammonium chloride solution to potassium chloride solution all that happens is a solution with all the ions in it - ammonium ions, potassium ions, chloride ions and hydroxide ions.