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Because the. Make diss ions for us

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Q: What do you need to be a senator?
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Where do you go to be a us senator?

You need to go to a college that will be able to teach you all about becoming and being a US Senator.

Who is the senator of Canada?

There are 105 of them, you need to be more specific.

How old does a person need to become senator?


Who is Nebraska state senator from north platte?

Chuck Hagel

How can you vote for a senator?

you need to be a mature adult first, then, there will be elections

Personal data of senator loren ligarda?

they need to be trained

How do you become a Texas Senator?

You need to be thirty years old.

Who said Carthage need to be destroyed?

the Roman senator Cato the Elder.

Where would you find how many years you need to be a citizen to be a senator?

In the constitution!!

How many senators you need to override a vote?

2/3 of the senator.

Does Dear Senator Little need a comma or a colon?

it needs a comma

Which is higher a senator or a congressman?