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The people elect representatives to form a government. The government enacts laws ( known as acts) - the power to make and enforce this law therefore comes from you (the people).

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Q: Does a law give an act its power?
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What power did the enabling act give to Hitler?

THIS ACT Was an act that gave Hitler power of life and death over every citizen.

What law has greatly increased the government's power to prosecute people of terrorism?

The Patriot Act.

What power did marbury vs Madison give to the courts?

The power to declare a law unconstitutional (Judicial Review).

Who has power of attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a written document that you can use to give another person the authority to act in your place. The person you name to act in your place is referred to as your agent.

What power did the sedition act give the federal government during the war?

The power to draft young men into military

What did a 1917 law give Puerto Rico?

Jones-Shafroth Act gave them U.S. citizenship .

What does give liberty or give you death mean?

it means that without freedom or the power to act on are own as a nation there is no point in living.

Why did the framers of the constitution give the president the power to veto a law passed by congress?


What power did the sedition act give the federal government during world war 1?

The power to draft young men into military

What power did the Alien Act Give to the president?

it gave the right to send any foreigner out of the America

Do laws give us power?

Law means a power itself. The code of conducts made and makes by legislative bodies are powers and introduces the society what are right and wrong doings. And 'yes' law give us power but one have to know about Laws. Law is made for providing power to the society and for fighting through proceedings in courts if it is violating and used in wrong way by someone, it gives power when it's well known to you.

Is the power of attorney for a minor financially responsible for the minor?

No; however, the law expects the PoA to act in the minor's best interests.