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The direct incitement test allows government to limit speech that will likely result in imminent lawless action.

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Q: Does direct incitement test allows government to limit speech?
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Is incite can be used as noun or pronoun?

No. Incite is a verb. EX: He was going to incite a riot with his speech against the government. The noun version is incitement. EX: After his speech calling for attacks on the government and the police, he was arrested for incitement to riot. It cannot be a pronoun.

What allows a person to complain about the government?

the freedom of speech

What is the right to do and say what you like?

The right to do and say what you like is known as freedom of speech and expression. It is a fundamental human right that allows individuals to voice their opinions, beliefs, and ideas without censorship or restraint from the government or other authorities. However, this freedom also comes with responsibilities, such as respecting the rights and beliefs of others and avoiding hate speech or incitement to violence.

The government can limit free speech or free press if the communication?

If the communication given can cause a security risk to the country, the government may be forced to limit it. If the communication is also incitement or hate oriented it may be limited.

Does The Constitution protect all political speech that is not an incitement to imminent or immediate lawless violence?

yes it does.

Does the Australian government provide for the freedom of speech?

Australians are free to express their opinion about any subject. however there are some rules regarding the incitement of racial hatred and the spreading of lies about people and some things. And there are certain limits on divulging sensitive government information.

Is mein kampf banned in India?

Yes, "Mein Kampf" is banned in India. The book, written by Adolf Hitler, promotes extremist ideologies and is prohibited by the Indian government to prevent the spread of hate speech and incitement to violence.

What does freedom speech mean?

Freedom of speech is the right to say what you want when you want. Some countries don't have this right. In the United states, there are limitations, such as Libel, Slander, Obscenity, Sedition (speaking against the government),Criminal conduct such as bribery, perjury, or incitement to riot. Freedom of speech includes Art, Music, Clothing, internet Communication, and Unspoken Speech, Etc.

When does the freedom of speech not apply to something you say?

When it amounts to slander, libel, blackmail, treason, incitement, threats to commit violence etc.

Which freedom allows soemone to voice his or her opinion concerning a social issue?

Freedom of speech allows someone to voice their opinion concerning a social issue without fear of censorship or retaliation from the government.

Can someone say something to another and get arrested for it?

Yes, if the speech is considered threatening, harassment, or incitement to violence, it can lead to arrest. Additionally, hate speech or defamation can also result in legal consequences.

Exercises on direct and indirect speech?

Change the following direct speech into indirect speech: Direct speech: "I am going to the store," said Mary. Indirect speech: Mary said that she was going to the store. Change the following direct speech into indirect speech: Direct speech: "I will help you with your homework," Tom promised. Indirect speech: Tom promised to help me with my homework. Change the following direct speech into indirect speech: Direct speech: "I have finished my work," John stated. Indirect speech: John stated that he had finished his work. Change the following direct speech into indirect speech: Direct speech: "We are going to travel next month," they told us. Indirect speech: They informed us that they were going to travel the following month.