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No. Congress passes legislation.

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Q: Does the Supreme Court pass legislation?
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Congress has the power to pass legislation while the president has veto power over legislation The supreme court has the power of judicial review. Is this a struggle?


Does the supreme court have to approve or ratify all treaties?

No, the Supreme Court is not a legislative body. The Executive and Legislative branches makes treaties and pass legislation; the Supreme Court has the right to evaluate the constitutionality of these actions if they are challenged by parties with standing.

Who selects the supreme court justice justices?

It depends which supreme court you are referring to. Countries have different legislation and hierarchy for courts of law.

Is it OK that US supreme court creates new legislation when necessary?

the sole function of the Supreme Court is to review laws and determine if they are enforceable under the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.The US Supreme Court has not ever passed legislation, suggested legislation or passed law.

What is the role of the senater?

The role of the Senate is to pass worthy bills and void or nullify bills that is against the Constitution. The legislation they pass or void is from the House of Representatives, and vice versa. They both need to agree for it to be passed on to the President, who can pass it, and make it into legislation, or veto it. After that, it goes to the Supreme Court. For more information on the role of the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, and also how bills are passed, look at the Related Questions below.

Does the Supreme Court implement legislation?

No, the Supreme Court interprets the laws. The Congress implements the laws. That is why they are called the legislative branch.

In addition to the president who did the Virginia plan propose should have power to veto legislation?

The Supreme Court

Can two more justices be added to the Supreme Court?

Yes, if Congress passes legislation enlarging the Supreme Court from nine to eleven members; otherwise, no.

How can the supreme court check the power of congres?

The Supreme Court can check the power of Congress by ruling legislation passed by Congress is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court can do this when they a presented with an opportunity to hear a case which disputes a law. The supreme court's decision is final because it is the highest court in America.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1919 that the legislation to improve working conditions was?


The power of the Supreme Court to review state actions and legislation come from?

the states

What Two limits are placed upon the powers of the supreme court?

opinions relating to legislation