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No. Nowhere in the constitution is "freedom of rights" mentioned

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Q: Does the US Constitution mention freedom of rights?
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Where do the rights of freedom of speech assembly and religion come from?

In the USA, from the US Constitution.

Did the constitution give us freedom of speech?

No..first they made the constitution..then later the declaration of independence and in it, was the bill of rights which included freedom of speech..

What are five of the rights included in the Bill of Rights as amendments to the US Constitution?

Freedom of speech, Freedom to a fair trial, Freedom of assembly, Right to bear arms, Freedom of religon

What rights are guaranteed to citizens under the first amendment to the constitution of the US?

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to petition, freedom to assemble,

Is there a similar freedom or right protected in the us constitution and the bill of rights?

The bill of rights are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. There were added because the Constitution did not contain them explicitly.

What freedoms does the constitution give us?

The US Constitution guarantees and recognizes the rights Americans already have. Based on is doctrinal foundations, the US Constitution guarantees the right to vote and not to pass laws that interfere with the practice of religion as one simple example. The main purpose of this governing document is to specify what the duties of the Federal government has. What powers are not granted to the Federal government, belong to the States that compose the Union.In the United States, the US Constitution does not "give rights". The US Constitution acknowledges the civil rights that citizens already have. The US Constitution delineates the powers of the Federal government and its constraints.All other powers not delegated to the Federal government are left to the States to determine. No laws or policies however, can cancel the rights of citizens that the US Constitution recognizes as rights citizens already have.

One of the rights granted in the Bill of Rights?

The Bill of Rights are the name of the first ten amendments to the US Constitution. One important right is the freedom of speech. This is only one of the rights in the ten amendments to the US Constitution.

Name one right guaranteed by the first amendment of the US Constitution?

The first amendment of the US Constitution guarantees free speech. The first amendment is one of ten amendments within the US Constitution called the Bill of Rights. These ten were part of the original constitution. More amendments were later added.

Five rights that accrue individual in the US Constitution?

Freedom of speech freedom to assemble freedom to bear arms life, liberty pursuit of happiness

Why did the US constitution make people want to come America?

freedom and equal rights child

What rights are in the US Constitution?

The US Constitution includes many rights to US citizens. Among them are:freedom of speechfreedom to peacefully assemblefreedom to practice your religionfreedom to bear (own) gunsfreedom of the press (media)freedom to voteand more

What are some key ideas of the new US Constitution?

-All people have rights from birth -Freedom of Speech