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government bank

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Q: Does the district central cooperative banks are government banks or private banks?
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Most common form of government-backed corporate bank?

The district central cooperative banks are government banks or private banks.

Are district cooperative banks government banks or private banks?

That would depend on where you live but cooperative banks are normally private banks owned by the people (but not the government).

Can an assistant district attorney also have a private practice?

It will probably depend entirely on what the government's personnel rules are on the subject.

Why is the fed considered a decentralized central bank that is both public and private?

its neither. its inside the government and indipendent from it.

Can a government company be a private company?

Yes a Government company can be private company wherein the rules as applicable to a pvt co., shall apply to such government co., Central Government can exempt any class of companies from certain provisions of the companies act by an official gazette

How do you get to a private co-op came on cod5?

Just go to Cooperative, Then go to Private Match and invite your friends.

Is DCB bank a cooperative bank or private sector bank?

DCB Bank is a private sector Indian bank.

Is commonwealth bank of Australia private or government bank?

It formerly was the central bank of Australia and government run, until the independent RBA was established and took responsibility of the central bank. Following that the Commonwealth bank was privatised.

Where the public private cooperative and joint sectors exists?

mixed economy

What do you mean by Nationalised Banking?

The central government purchases the shares of private shareholders by payment double the amount of shares worth.

Cbse full form?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (abbreviated as CBSE) is a Board of Education for public and private schools, under the Union Government of India.

What is the difference between commercial banks and nabard and sidbi?

Commercial Banks are of 2 kinds: Private and Nationalised Private Commercial banks are private sector banks like ICICI, Citibank, etc, which have no government stake in them. Nationalised Commercial banks are government owned commercial banks like SBI, Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank, etc. The government holds a large stake in these banks. NABARD and SIDBI fall under what are known as Development Banks. Development banks are those banks which mainly have 2 funcitons: One, to act as refinanciers, diverting funds through nationalised banks for development purposes and Two, to undertake development projects like training and supporting fledgling industries. A third category of banks are known as Cooperative banks. The DCCBs or District credit cooperative banks fall under this category. All the above mentioned banks are governed and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.