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private group

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Q: Support of the theater should be the responsibity of government or private groups?
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What is a synonym for a private box in a theater?

A private box in a theatre is called a loge.

Support of the Dionysus theater should be responsibility of government or privet groups?

Government because the have more control and responsibilaaty then privet groups?>>>>> <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 Government because the have more control and responsibilaaty then privet groups?>>>>> <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

What is a theater box called?

A theater box is also known as a loge. They act as a sort of enclosed private balcony for a small number of people.

What is a theater room?

A theater room is a space in the house where the family gathers along with friends and relatives to enjoy a good movie. It is called a theater room because the room gives the feel of a theater, but on a more private level. There are various customized theater rooms depending on wishes of the owner(s).

What is the address for the Oakdale Theater?

Oakdale Theater offers live entertainment and private events located at one place and address. The address for the Oakdale Theater is 95 South Turnpike Road, Wallingford, CT 06492.

Was George Washington private or outgoing?

He was outgoing. He loved the theater, and he was by all accounts an excellent dancer.

What are some interesting places in Dc you can wright a report on?

The private movie theater would be nice.

Is pendrive support DVD formats for sony home theater?

No ... in pen drive not support. but u can try AVI,MP4 formats

Can Sony home theater support avi files?

Sony Blu-ray home theaters can.

What theaters are playing Resident Evil afterlife?

Any that support Imax. AMC is the theater I went to.

What is a GI in the European theater?

A government Issuel (GI) during world war 2.

What is the better Education system within Government Education and private Education system?

I think private schools offer better education over Government because they offer good study materials for every subject they also provide extra coaching class for the weak students also. They also provide very good facilities of library, lab, sports ground, self study rooms, good infrastructure and some school also have open air theater in which extra curricular activities are done. so I think private school impart better education.