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Q: Does the national media play the role of watchdog over the federal government?
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Which word best describes media's role in covering the government?


Should media be monitored?

There are many media watchdog groups already, so yes, it is monitored. It should not be monitored by the government.

Which term describes the role played by the mass media when they expose government misconduct?

watchdog role

What is the present scenario of media?

media role as a watchdog

How has the Internet affected the watchdog capacity of the media?

It has diluted the watchdog capacity with an overflow of opinions.

What are the roles of the media?

Scorekeeping, Watchdog, Gatekeeping

How does the press function as a watchdog of American government?

they criticize, and are always on their back ! if they do or tend to do any mistakes, they write about it & inform the people via press/media

What The media press is sometimes referred as the?

The media press is sometimes referred to as the "Fourth Estate," along with the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. This term emphasizes the media's role as a watchdog over those in power and its importance in supporting democracy.

Which of these media platforms are NOT regulated by the federal government?

the internet and satellite radio

What are the media and press sometimes referred to as?

The fourth estate

What is the political role of media?

The media is often referred to as the watchdog of politics. Its role is to investigate and report information to the public.

Why is media called a watchdog of democracy?

Media is called a watchdog of democracy because it plays a crucial role in holding government officials and institutions accountable by monitoring and reporting on their actions. Through investigative journalism and unbiased reporting, the media helps to ensure transparency, expose corruption, and provide citizens with the information they need to make informed decisions in a democratic society.