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the airwaves availible for radio and tv broadcasting are limited, the government decides who can use them.

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Q: What are two ways the federal government can manage broadcast media?
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Who regulated the broadcast media?

Federal Communications Commissions Regulate the broadcast media

Why does the federal government have more power to regulate the broadcast media than the print media?

If government officials tell lies, hold secret meetings, or try to limit reporters' access to information in other ways, the media may not be able to provide the information citizens need.

What regulates the broadcast media?

Broadcast media is regulated by government agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States, which sets guidelines and enforces regulations on things like content standards, ownership rules, and licensing. Additionally, industry self-regulation through organizations like the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and codes of conduct can also play a role in regulating broadcast media.

What is one area where the government can censor broadcast media?

compromise of national security

What Federal Commission licenses and regulates all radio and TV stations?

The Federal Communications Commission regulates all public broadcast media.

Broadcast media-meaning and types?

what is the meaning --broadcast media

Does the US regulate their media?

At least the broadcast medium. All radio/TV stations must be licensed by the Federal Communications Commission.

Which of these media platforms are NOT regulated by the federal government?

the internet and satellite radio

Why is broadcast media regulated but print media is not?

Broadcast media uses public airwaves, which are considered limited and owned by the government, whereas print media is viewed as utilizing unlimited resources to distribute content. The regulation of broadcast media aims to ensure fair and accessible content for all viewers, while print media is seen as more independently produced and distributed. Additionally, broadcast media has the potential to reach a larger and more diverse audience, warranting closer regulation.

Does the national media play the role of watchdog over the federal government?


When was Canada's Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium created?

Canada's Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium was created in 2007.

What group is assumed too much power?

In my opinion that would be the media; in particular, the broadcast media. Those that believe that the government or the people in government are the answer must take into consideration that so much of the media is delivering opinion rather than news. We don't get to hear what government officials are actually doing only what a particular media person or media group wants us to think they are doing. That power trumps the power of the government.