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Widows of former presidents are eligible for a pension of $20,000 per year plus free postage. There are some restrictions.

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Q: Does the presidents spouse get paid after the president dies?
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Did President Nixon start a fund to pay presidents?

I do not think so. Presidents have always been paid by the US treasury. The pension plan for ex-presidents started in 1958 , years before Nixon was president.

How much was the president paid in 2011?

President Obama was paid 400,000 a year plus expenses in 2011. In 2001, President Bush became the first president to make $400,000. Prior to that time, presidents were paid $200,000 a year. (And earlier in the century, they were paid $75,000 a year; this was eventually raised to $100,000.)

Does the spouse continue to get paid if the person receiving ssd dies?

No, once the person who was awarded the disabilty dies, the payments to that person end. The sopuse would then have to file seperately to see if they qualify by themselves.

What happens to a president's money when he becomes president?

I am not sure what you want to know. Presidents are paid a good salary. I think all of them had more money when they left the White House than when they went in. Presidents do not have to do anything special with their money.

When did presidents start getting paid?

Presidents were paid starting with first president in 1788. The first president, George Washington, who was independently wealthy, did not want to accept a salary at first, but it was pointed out that later presidents might need the money and that it would be a bad idea to restrict the presidency to those people who could afford to serve without any income.

What happens to Illinois TRS benefits if spouse dies and there are no children?

A revocable trust can be made a beneficiary, subject to restrictions and limitations, or the benefits will not be paid to anybody.

How much does the President of the US get paid monthly after taxes?

The monthly salary before taxes in $33,333,33 ( $ 400,000 per year). Take-home depends on the number of dependents.

What happens to a mortgage when one spouse dies?

Generally, the mortgage must be paid or the lender will take possession of the property by foreclosure. You should consult with the attorney who is handling the estate.

Is the mortgage paid out if your spouse dies?

Only if you cover that issue when you buy your insurance. It usually costs extra (doesn't everything!) but it insures that the mortgage balance is taken care of

Do presidents get paid to be on tv?

The President is not paid for appearing on the news or a news show. If he appeared on some other kind of show, he probably would be paid union scale , but would probabaly donate his salary to charity.

Mortgage is in your name spouse dies will mortgage life insurance pay off house?

If the mortgage is in your name it would not be affected by the death of your spouse. Mortgage life insurance is coverage that is taken out so that your house would be paid for in the event of your death.

What are the salaries of country presidents?

In the United States the president earns $400,000 a year. In Lithuania the president earns 26,125 litu a year. The president of the Philippines is paid about $60,000 peso's a year. The president of Singapore earns $3,140,000 a year.