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Many Presidents favored a strong fiscal policy. Andrew Jackson was the only one who paid back the national debt. Bill Clinton was the last one to serve for a year in which the debt did not increase.

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Q: Which us president favored a strong fiscal policy?
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Which one of these does not describe a strong economy?

The government will assume an expansionary fiscal policy position.

What policy did slave owners favored instead of the one that created s strong federal government?

nullification .

Slave owners favored this policy instead of the one that created a strong federal government?


What did the federalists believe in?

The federalist wanted a strong nationalistic US with a sound fiscal policy. They called for a national bank, tariffs, and increased relations with the British crown.

When are a president's policy initiatives most successful?

They are supported by the electorate and the Congress.

Which was true of the anti federalists?

They favored strong state governments.

When does the government assume a contractionary fiscal policy position?

the government will spend less money than it earns by cutting its spending or raising its taxes

What vice president favored nullification?

John C. Calhoun who was vice-president under both Quincy Adams and Jackson was a strong proponent of the right of states to nullify federal laws.

Favored ratification of the constitution and favored a strong national government?

You would probably be best served to look up a list of prominent Federalists. The Federalists were almost always supporters of the Constitution, and always supporters of "big government" (a strong federal control over the States). Here are a few big names: •Washington (1st President) •Adams (2nd President) •Hamilton (Washington's cabinet)

What is a brief definition of a federalist?

The Federalists favored a United States with a strong central government. The Whigs [the other side of the debate] favored strong state governments with a weak central government. The US Constitution was a compromise between these two points of view. The question was finally resolved by the Civil War when Lincoln and those who favored a strong central government defeated the Confederate States [who favored strong states/weak central government]

What leaders favored a strong central government?

Napoleon Bonaparte.

What is true about Anti- federalist?

They favored strong state governments.