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They are supported by the electorate and the Congress.

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A president's policy initiatives are significantly more successful when the president Has the strong support of the American people

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Q: When are a president's policy initiatives most successful?
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The two presidencies thesis holds that a president is likely to be most successful with Congress on policy initiatives involving?

foreign issues

What were Roosevelt's most important foreign - policy initiatives in Latin America?

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When are presidents most likely to get their policies through Congress successfully?

It is early in a President's first term when they are most likely to be successful in getting their policies through Congress. U. S. Presidents are limited to serving two 4-year terms.

What was the success of one term presidents?

As a group one-term presidents are not so successful which is why they were one-term presidents. Polk refused to run for a second term and he was probably the most successful one-termer. Taft would very probably have won a second term if Theodore Roosevelt had supported him instead of breaking with with his party and running as an independent against him.

Was Abraham's successful in life?

Abraham Lincoln was most certainly successful in life. He was self-educated, and rose to the highest office in the land. He was one of America's most beloved Presidents, preserving the Union during a time of great struggle.

What two US presidents in the early 20th Century were proponents of the so-called presidential initiative?

US presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were proactive in so-called presidential initiatives. Despite that, the US Senate was not about to let claim for foreign policy to slip out of their constitutional hands. The treaty powers of the US Senate were most evident with Wilson. He virtually ignored the Senate as Wilson negotiated the Treaty of Versailles. The Senate rejected the League of Nations and overall the Treaty of Versailles.

Where did most of the Presidents come from?

Most presidents came from Virgina

Do most of the presidents have dogs?

Yes, most of our presidents have had a dog throughout the years.

What is the superlative form of successful?

more successful, most successful

Which state gave us the most presidents?

Virginia is the home state to the most presidents.

What is the superlative of successful?

The superlative of successful is "most succesful."

Which state was the birth place of the most presidents?

Virginia is the birthplace of 8 U.S. Presidents. It is the most of any state