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foreign issues

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Q: The two presidencies thesis holds that a president is likely to be most successful with Congress on policy initiatives involving?
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When are a president's policy initiatives most successful?

They are supported by the electorate and the Congress.

A president's policy initiatives are significantly more successful when the president?

knows what he is doing, and has the support of Congress.

The Top 5 Longest Country Presidencies In The World?

The top 5 longest Presidencies in the world by country will generally begin in Africa. The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni ruled the country for 25 years. The president of Cameroon ruled for 29 years while the president of Guinea ruled for over 32 years.


Including William Howard Taft, who was President in 1912, and Barack Obama, who was President when this answer was posted, the total is 18.Taft's presidency started in 1909.Wilson's presidency started in the 1910s.Harding's, Coolidge's and Hoovers presidencies started in the 1920s.F.D.Roosevelt's presidency started in the 1930s.Truman's presidency started in the 1940s.Eisenhower's presidency started in the 1950s.Kennedy's, L.B.Johnson's and Nixon's presidencies started in the 1960s.Ford's and Carter's presidencies started in the 1970s.Reagan's and G.H.W.Bush's presidencies started in the 1980s.Clinton's presidency started in the 1990s.G.W.Bush's and Obama's presidencies started in the 2000s.

What are two successes of Joseph Kabila's presidencies?

In the United States there has never been a president named Kabila.

What was the name of the presidency of George Washington?

US Presidencies, the period of time during which an individual is President of the United States, are not given names.

The presidencies of Woodrow Wilson Franklin D Roosevelt and Harry Truman were similar in that each president served during what?

Vietnam war

What role is the president of India differ from the president of the US president and the president of Mexico?

The Indian presidency is a mainly ceremonial office that is supposed to be fairly nonpartisan. The U.S. and Mexican presidencies lead the government and are actively involved in day-to-day politics.

What is the number of presidencies from George Washington to George W. Bush?

George Washington was the 1st president, George Walker Bush is the 43rd president.

What is the site 'POTUS' all about?

The site 'POTUS' is all about the President of the United States. 'POTUS' stands for 'President of the United States'. So, the site 'POTUS' has information on the presidency, including past presidencies.

What is the name of the Fed Chairman under president Reagan Bush Sr and Clinton?

The Federal Reserve Chairman under President Reagan was Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan served as the Chairman during the presidencies of both George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Who established the office of faith-based and community initiatives?

The office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives was established by President George W. Bush in 2001.